Our Story is Our Journey!
“We want to make a world class affirmations app which still is affordable across the world, that helps everyone’s daily life. “
Our Story

A few years ago, I was working on a Major project for a reputed name in the industry via an MNC. I had done several programs and projects prior to that but this one got messed up due to an on-site consultant. I don’t blame him. As a program Manager, I travelled to London to get things sorted out but it was too late. The deal was pulled away from us and given to another MNC(the customer regretted this move in a few months, as I came to know from inside sources).

I did a “Lessons learnt” report together with the Project Manager and we both were quite unhappy with the way we lost the enter program - A name in the industry which will add value to our organization (and his long term vision of being at onsite had come to an abrupt end) . Anyway long story short, I became quite depressed and had many times stood at the 8th floor office balcony debating what to do.

My brother casually called me and told me to listen to Joel Osteen for His Positive affirmations . Listening to Joel’s positivity I started affirming too and my life turned around, which is when I realized the power of positive affirmations.

From then on, I have shared my positivity to several other people whose lives had been changed for the better. I have conducted trainings and sessions on the power of affirmations. My view is everyone deserves to enjoy the power of affirmations and promises that we can claim and benefit. And that’s the only motive of this app. Please do use, change and help others change for the better too. Many Thanks. God Bless.

Wilson Lloyd J (JWL)
CEO, Affirm Daily & Founder of Zest Leaders Club.
Our Mission
We want to make this world a better place, seems cliche but that's what we want. Remember it is still possible ‘starting with me and you…’
What We Need!
We need you support and love to make our mission possible. Download the app now, start using it! Be an ambassador in your own friends and family circles getting them to install. Do us a favour, teach them how to use it and to attain the benefits from Affirm Daily App. Do remember to tell them, “Changes won’t be visible immediately, you took years to program yourself, if you are looking for miracles to change into a ‘new you’ in a day or week, you need to reach to our eternal source. This app can help you on your journey of change, when you commit to use it effectively - daily.
Scroll for daily positive affirmations that sets your life on a good path while you set up your own personalised daily reminders which will remind you as you like. On the App Watch videos and audio affirmations to motivate you further while you can read motivating blogs on this site. Remember, you can enjoy all this while you customise your app’s theme and categories to suit your mood & need. Enjoy the process of change…
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