"Positively and Powerfully"
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Are you Feeling
low on energy?
drained out or negative?
low on motivation?

Thinking of upgrading your life to the next level or changing it for the better?

You are at the right place! this feature filled app, will affirm your way to success!

Remember, Success is not just having loads of money, but an overall well being in all areas of life.
Feature Filled - User Friendly App
Simple to use App, for all ages and all mindsets
Daily Reminders
Many times, we start something with a lot of interest, install apps, and stuff with excitement to make change happen. Maybe we might do it for a day or two but forget about it in the busyness of our lives, possibly thinking after a few months what’s this all about? 🤔 Any such recollection?

That's why we have reminders to remind you every single day or as how you configure, to let you have affirmations pop up on your screen and enable for the better.
Video Affirmations
Think about the time that you were waiting at the doctor's clinic, not knowing what to do, after a few brief moments(milliseconds 😊) picking up the phone, and simply browsing it? Yaa, maybe you did so or you were better off, staying away from the dopamine driver…

Why not use the time to re-program your mind to become a better “You". Remember you are unique and you become a better 'Unique You'.
Audio Affirmations
At work, on a jog or times when your phone battery is low, you could possibly switch to Audio affirmations, just listening in and letting these affirmations, quotes, proverbs & verses sink in, to make the magic happen…Remember, you might not see the change or realize the re-programming. It's like when you are growing tall, you won’t realize the change or the people who meet you every day or week, like your family or friends won't. But a relative who comes over after a year, might see the difference…the change! You will change, and changes for the better will happen as you continue to use Positive affirmations while working on yourself.
Theme & Categories
You have a host of categories to choose from, Love, relationship, positivity, happiness, calmness etc…all this at the touch of the button, for you to configure and the relevant affirmations flow. You also have the possibility to change the background themes, to suit your mood and preference.
“So what are you waiting for… click here to Download now , try it for free”
Our Subscription Plans
Remember this is a freemium app, designed to help everyone around the world and at the same time affordable.

You can choose to download the free version of the app or upgrade to premium for loading it with more features.

What are you waiting for, just download the app and subscribe now 😊.
Free Plan
User Benefits
Choose from the categories that are unlocked and enjoy.
1 free reminder can be configured for reminding you/popping up affirmations.
You would have ads which you could either watch or skip after the minimal time (remember the ads helps us/support us to keep going, better still, you could contribute to help reduce the frequency of ads)
You could use the app on multiple devices
Choose themes or backgrounds with the limited options
Monthly Premium Plan
User Benefits
Improve in all areas, with curated categories.
Get unlimited reminders with various categories.
Remove the ads and enjoy the affirmations without interruptions.
Choose from a range of themes or backgrounds to suit your mood
Use the app on multiple devices
Cancel anytime from the app
MONTHLY $ 2.99
Per Month

Ps: Yearly it works to $35.88

Annual Premium Plan
User Benefits
Improve in all areas, with curated categories
Get unlimited reminders with various categories
Remove the ads and enjoy the affirmations without interruptions
Choose from a range of themes or backgrounds to suit your mood
Use the app on multiple devices
Cancel anytime from the app
7 days FREE trial
MONTHLY $ 1.00
Per Month

67% Savings
Yearly $12
(Renews automatically)

about us
We are an organization focussed on the WELL-BEING of the people, enabling them to overcome their fears, negatives and support them to become more confident, courageous and more human. This app is one of our efforts to help people around the world to become the best version of themselves as well as extend it to their friends and families to make them too…isn't that what being human means?
Scroll for daily positive affirmations that sets your life on a good path while you set up your own personalised daily reminders which will remind you as you like. On the App Watch videos and audio affirmations to motivate you further while you can read motivating blogs on this site. Remember, you can enjoy all this while you customise your app’s theme and categories to suit your mood & need. Enjoy the process of change…
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